Have you heard of formal online meetings (FOMs)?

They make your meetings planning-safe, cost-efficient and sustainable and at the same time family-friendly and transparent. Presence meetings were yesterday, from today you have more time for yourself by saving travel costs and travel time to important appointments and at the same time you do something good for the environment.

Sounds too good to be true?  

Let's just get started: FOMs are digital meetings, sessions and committees. Unlike traditional online meetings, they must follow the requirements of the respective organization's bylaws. Because of these regulations, the requirements for such meeting formats are significantly more complex.

FOMs are the next megatrend in the online meetings market. With the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, the legal and technical prerequisites for digital meetings were created. The result: more and more associations, clubs, companies and public authorities are now saddling up to digital formats.

With the FOM Magazine, we want to help shape and drive this trend. But they also bring challenges: for example, data protection, legal security, and technical implementation.

In order to meet most of these challenges, we bring together leading experts from the fields of information technology, data security, law and sociology - from companies, public authorities, associations and societies - with the FOM Magazin. FOM Magazin is thus intended to provide a platform for the exchange of information so that we can all jointly take advantage of the opportunities that digital meeting formats offer us.

Get involved! Write to us at contact@fom-magazin.de if you would like to write a guest post. We provide the platform, you provide the content. If you have an idea for a post and need our help writing it up, we can provide that as well.

FOM Magazine was launched by Linkando , a provider of SaaS solutions for Formal Online Meetings. The magazine is nevertheless completely independent and lets every voice have its say. And completely free of charge! Because FOM Magazine is not about profit, but about the unique opportunity to create a new formal meeting culture.

Here you will find a directory of our guest authors. Join us as well!

Kind regards

The FOM Magazine Team